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Jakob Vedel CEO

Mathias Hillerup Larsen Partner & Client Director

Frederik Hyldig Head of Paid Search

Peter Decko Senior Business Consultant

Jakob Agersnap Korsgaard CCO Nordics

Casper Dumont Business Director

Louise Villadsen Head of Client Management

Mads N. Lauridsen Head of Display

Kent Madsen Senior Programmatic Specialist

Simon Thaysen Digital Strategy Consultant

Dennis Østergaard Digital Strategy Consultant

Søren Skriver Digital Strategy Specialist

Katarina Odsbjerg Client Manager

Louise Baandrup Toft Client Manager

Louise la Cour Client Manager

Louis Emil Thomsen Client Manager

Uffe Faarvang Marketplace Specialist

Dennis Funch Hansen Data Consultant

Jacob Brix Data Insights Specialist

Asmus Eilrich Paid Search Specialist

Anders Lindstrøm Paid Search Specialist

Kenneth Munck Paid Search Specialist

Emil Hammershøj Kirk Paid Search Specialist

Rikke Andersen Display Specialist

Jonas Færgemann Display Specialist

Stefan Pedersen Team lead Technical SEO

Jonas Donbæk Organic Search Specialist

Tobias Dahl Organic Search Specialist

Carsten Østergaard Organic Search Specialist

Jesper Frank

Mille Lade Organic Search Specialist

Christoffer Degn Hansen Organic Search Specialist

Daniel Østergaard Team lead Outreach

Christian Fedderholdt Search Specialist

Peter Gøggaard-Clausen Organic Search Specialist

Camilla Maja Thomsen Organic Search Specialist

Rasmus Peter Vagn Jakobsen Team lead Content

Heidi Maria Jakobsen Content Specialist

Jannik Schiermer Poulsen Content Specialist

Rebecca Lind Copywriter

Linnea Larsen Copywriter

Laura Nørlev Office Manager

Charlotte Basse Bookkeeper

Hermanni Nurila Managing Director Finland

Samuel Larsen Head of Operations Finland

Mariane Thomsens Gade 1C, 4. 3

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